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Ami Keno Musolman / আমি কেন মুসলমান
Ami Keno Musolman By:Other Book Type: Islamic
Book Code 10301
Publisher Miscellaneous / বিবিধ
Book Type Islamic [+]
Published January, 2006
Page 278
Language Bangla
Binding Hardcover
Price Tk. 250.00
বইটি বাংলায় দেখুন
Sorry, not in Stock
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 Most viewers thought the book is Good
Reader's Review
Add your own comment
By: shafiqulislam gazi Date: 12/31/2011 Rating: Good
By: MD. KADIR SHARIF Date: 7/3/2011 Rating: Amazing
too nice................. thanks boi mela............................. carry on.............. we are with you.......................
By: Shahadat Hossain Date: 5/1/2011 Rating: Waste of time
Boiti porlam abong hashlam! besh mojar boi. Ami jodi ai boiyer vulgulo niye lekhte boshi arekti 200 patar boi hoye jabe. Notun kore ashober jobab dite icche korena. Shudhu kharap lage ata vebe j ader chorano aishob bivrantite shobchaite beshi khotigrosto hocche amar desher uthti boyoser torun torunira.

Shob sheshe akta request kori tader jara nijeder udarponthi vaben abong Islam k itihaser aloccho kore jadughore pathate chan. Doya kore akbar shotti shottoi e Quraan pore dekhun.

By: mahmud habib Date: 12/18/2010 Rating: Waste of time
bhumika lekhok ja likhesen tate mone hoyese tini hingshay lipto. jene buje onnoke opobad diyese na hoy murkkho.

Mr. Bari shaheb Monta boro koron
Dua kori Allah apnader hidayat korun amin

By: JUWEL Date: 11/11/2010 Rating: Waste of time
By: Ekramul Hossain Date: 10/24/2010 Rating: Masterpiece
I have read the book.It is a very nice book. The writer showed different groups in muslims. He tried to show which is the right path in Islam. I agree with the writer. Everyone should read the book. Please spread the book everywhere.
By: babu Date: 8/28/2010 Rating: Amazing
nice book
By: Toufiq Rahman Date: 2/26/2010 Rating: Waste of time
I partially agrre with Mr Nasif Bin Shafi on his opinion of this book. Yes, believing God is a fundamental right and saying anything against it is 'racism'. Do you always read half of everything? In the name of writing a book about God, many writers end up writing about God's messenger and everything else but God. You avoided the second part of my sentence intentionally. I also agrre with your comment on authors speelling mistakes, it applies to you as well, especially when you write a name.
This is not the right platform for discussing these issues. I would be grateful to the moderators of this website if they allow my comments this time. Mr Nasif Bin Shafi, read Quraan (not half of it), and see if you find fundamental rights there. If you do find it, you did not read it.
For any further discussion please feel free to write to me personally to
By: Nasif Bin Shafi Date: 2/25/2010 Rating: Okay
I just read several page. More or less the name is nice.  Just reading those pages and going through the content I am giving my opinion. Please pardom me if anything hurt the writer.  With due respect to the writer, my humble request to writer"Please try to improve the writing quality. Specially I found some inconsistency in your writing. Specially a chirstian man will know so many things and give comment from bengali mashik islami somachar seems ridiculous to me. Another thing, one writer shouldn't give value judgement in his writing directly. It is poor way of writing. If a writer want to inform people about bad side of a particular thing, the writer should place that article in such a manner so that reader will automatically able to judge it. Actually it depends on professionalism. this professionalism won't come in oneday. it takes time. I don't discourage the writer. Continue writing. Hope inshaALLAH it will come. Also there are several spelling mistake. Try to correct them "

To taufiq vaia, "I can believe God, its my fundamental right. I can follow religion, According my knowledge it is approved by most of consititution of the world. One can't raise question on it. Raising question in that issue is regarded as racism. Sorry if my comment hurt u. valo thakun"
By: Toufiq Rahman Date: 2/14/2010 Rating: Masterpiece
it is a masterpiece of garbage. i have no idea why people believe in god and dont write about god.
By: manas banerjee Date: 1/4/2010 Rating: Good
But what about bamian !!!!!!
By: raju khalifa Date: 10/4/2009 Rating: Good
boi ta bhalo legeche. tobe aro bhalo kora darkar
By: Md Dolan Sarker Date: 8/23/2009 Rating: Good

Really something exceptional to me,be4 that i never imagine ssuch a books may be available in net.

Allah give the reward to the author ............n allow all to have benifits frm this book.

By: mohammad alamin Date: 7/15/2009 Rating: Good
one of the stupid writer and his book i have ever read. he doesn't know clearly about Plato, Aristotle, but mentioned their name in the wrong content. he said there is no basis of sufism but did not give any proof, even he said sufism first started in Mugal time in INDIA which is wrong. i think he need to read more and more to learn. thank you all.
By: rabjur Date: 2/9/2009 Rating: Waste of time

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